What is in the box?

With regards to subscription boxes (once-off, 3 Months, or 6 Months) we keep the contents a secret! This makes every date night more fun by surprising you and your partner! However, we understand it’s hard to purchase a product that you don’t know anything about! The following contents can be expected in the boxes each month: 2-3 Fun activities (cooking, games, craft etc), conversation starters, snacks and treats (varies depending on theme of box)

Who is the box for?

The Sweetheart Box is for everyone! The Couple’s Profile form is designed to get the best sense of who you are as a couple and to make sure you will be fully satisfied with the contents of your box!

Do I have to pre-plan anything?

Most boxes are designed to be ready to go but should there be any pre-planning required we will notify you via e-mail

Does the box include everything that we need of the date?

Besides cooking utensils and electronics (stove, television etc.) all the required items will be in the box down to the pen required if you’ll be writing!

Do you make boxes for specific dietary requirements? (Gluten-Free, Allergies,etc)

We strive to make our product something that can be enjoyed by everyone. Therefore we enquire about any dietary requirements or allergies on our Couple’s Profile form and make the necessary substitutions accordingly! This ensures that you don’t pay for contents in your box that either you or your partner can’t enjoy!

Is shipping included in the price?

Deliveries within Witbank are free. For other surrounding areas shipping is charged at R70. Delivery for bulk orders such as the Wedding Welcome box will be quoted for on order.

Is there food in the box?

All our boxes contain some form of edibles. We however make a point of only including non-perishables or items which have a reasonable shelf life.

How long does delivery take?

  • Subscription boxes have a set shipment date each month. This will take place on the last working day of each month. The orders for any specific month’s box will need to be placed 5 days before the shipment date and delivery can then be expected as detailed in the delivery periods below. *For example order for July’s box will be taken between 1 and 23 June.
  • With our custom and special occasion boxes an expected turn-around time of 3 days can be expected before shipment will be made. This could be longer with custom boxes depending on the requested contents.
  • With custom and event-specific boxes a set delivery date can be requested.
    Average delivery periods:
  • Delivery within Witbank and surrounding areas will take 2-3 working days. Other provinces and cities can expect a maximum delivery period of 5 days.